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Quality Assurance

Our Company Business Plan incorporates a commitment to strive to continually elevate our experience and capabilities. As would be expected, our base of satisfied clients has expanded extensively. ECI’s senior staff consists of seasoned professionals, all of whom have long careers in the utility, consulting or management fields. These veterans are backed up by a highly capable team of engineers, managers and technical staff. Because of the depth of our professional staff, quality assurance is at the core of every design and construction project ECI undertakes. Every project undergoes thorough QA reviews using very detailed checklists to help ensure smooth transitions from the design process, through document production, material procurement, and into the facility construction phases.

Many times, consultants will address the issue of professional qualifications only from the technical perspective. At ECI, our employees understand that professionalism means more than technical ability. This attitude is displayed through the helpful and supportive attitude of every employee, from our reception & secretarial staff to our company President.

We believe that ECI’s ability to form successful working relationships with clients, material suppliers and constructors is at the heart of our business. ECI has an enviable record of maintaining our client relationships, a testament to the personal commitment of our management and staff. It is our goal to furnish a greater level of quality and detail than our competitors. The quality of our work has always been and will always be a core value and will never be compromised by growth.