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Strategic Partners

ECI enjoys strategic alliances with many of the industry’s major players in development, material supply and construction. These alliances help to keep costs within established budgets and delivery of key materials within the timeframes of ever-tighter schedules. Our network of alliances and strategic partnerships grows every year and includes many of the nation’s largest and specialized contractors and suppliers capable of producing and delivering materials and performing transmission line, substation and communications construction.

In addition to these beneficial alliances, ECI has several long-term strategic partners as well including the following:



American Superconductor (AMSC) serves the utility, industrial and wind power markets with a host of leading energy technologies based on proprietary high temperature superconductor (HTS) wires and power electronic systems. Their PowerModule™ and D-VAR® technologies are proving to be the solutions of choice for wind farms around the globe – enabling operators to regulate voltage to optimize the operation and output of individual wind turbines and wind farm owners to meet the standards for interconnection of wind farms to power grids.

ECI’s Strategic Partnership with AMSC has been responsible for over a dozen power quality/static VAR compensator installations for wind farms and utilities throughout the United States and Canada. As the alliance partner for AMSC, ECI is responsible for providing all equipment, hardware, controls, technology, labor, engineering and testing services for state-of-the-art SVC and power quality projects.