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Business Model

EPC Services Company was founded upon alliance concepts of melding the strengths of the parent corporation (ECI) and its relationships with other suppliers, subcontractors, utilities, utility contractors and major corporations. History has shown that EPC Services’ approach and organization has been highly effective and well accepted by our customers and potential customers. The following key points represent an overview of EPC Services Business Philosophy.

  • Response to Demanding EPC Projects – As the parent corporation, ECI employs a large staff of engineers, technicians and support personnel, a team comparable in size and depth to the T&D staff of many of the largest U.S. A/E firms (excluding personnel dedicated to power generation). As a result of our decades of experience of managing construction projects, we can testify to the fact that EPC Services past achievements would not have been possible without the extremely strong in-house engineering and technical resources possessed by ECI.  A component of ECI’s engineering staff is dedicated to the support of ongoing EPC Services Company projects, ensuring a continued level of dynamic project capability exists for company volume of $40M or more of integrated project work.
  • Strategic Alliance Position – Strategic alliances with customers and owners is at the core of EPC Services business model.  Today, EPC Services is a strong alliance partner of some of the largest renewable energy construction consortiums and specialty technology companies in the United States.  For example, EPC Services has supported over a dozen American Superconductor Company power quality/static var compensator projects for wind farms and utilities throughout the United States and Canada.  As an alliance partner to AMSC, our Company is responsible for providing all equipment, hardware, controls, technology, labor, engineering and testing services for state-of-the-art SVC and power quality projects.  Due to these alliances and ongoing partnerships, it has not been necessary for EPC Services to actively seek hard bid construction opportunities.  We envision the future of power transmission and delivery in the United States to include periods of severe constraints of experienced design and construction resources for projects that are key to the success of our customers and partners.  EPC Services has, and will, continue to position ourselves to be the premier partner of this customer base.
  • Reputation/Service - Response times for warranty related issues and repairs are near immediate in most instances.  In the event of true emergencies, ECI makes use of our Falcon 10 jet aircraft available to engineers and technicians who must arrive on site at the earliest possible time to provide troubleshooting and restoration of service.
  • “Single Team” Management Approach – EPC Services Company has succeeded in part due to our view of ourselves and our subcontractors as being One Team.  It is our belief that the performance of our subcontractors is a direct reflection on EPC Services – and our reputation with our clients!  Subcontractors are far more often partners selected on past performance, availability and other factors than on cost.  Subcontractors are frequently provided incentives for safety and performance.  This approach provides compelling incentives for partners to take ownership in projects; our history of consistent timely completion is testament to this statement.  Additionally, as compared to the average electrical contractor who will frequently not know until too late if problems in the project concept or design exist, EPC Services has the broad knowledge needed to insure that all engineering, management and construction activities are carried out under an astute technical approach, as well as a timely one for the project schedule.
  • EPC Construction Warranty - Each and every project constructed by EPC Services is backed by a construction-engineering warranty that is equaled by no other in the industry.  As opposed to the typical one or two year design warranty offered by most contractors providing EPC construction services, ECI offers a design warranty without expiration for projects underwritten under our Key Customer Contracts.  Similarly, our contracts for our key customers include warranties on the overall construction and material commensurate with needs for continued ownership, typically no less than two years.  Even warranties as long as 10 years have been provided by EPC Services in certain instances.  EPC Services maintains a stock of many common construction components typically used for wind projects.  Additionally, we have consistently been able to use a strong network of suppliers to resolve material shortages and find components that are not readily available to the average contractor.
  • Operations and Maintenance – ECI/EPC Services continues in the role of alliance partner to maintain many of the projects we design and construct.  Our commissioning staff consists of over one dozen capable engineers and technicians that can be called upon to complete maintenance on annual cycles, as well as during emergencies.  We set up complete maintenance plans for our customers, including maintaining all records that may be vital in the event of an insurance claim or to analyze failure trends.  We can remotely interrogate properly equipped substations and determine root-cause analysis for failures.  Our test equipment represents several hundred thousand dollars of state-of-the-art tools.  All of our maintenance services are provided by the same team that designed and constructed the facility, an unquestionable benefit of placing all responsibilities with EPC Services Company.
  • Volume and Owner’s Security Limits: Annual volume capability of EPC Services is at least $40M dollars.  We can bond individual projects of > $15M, as well as an aggregate of $25M+.  The underlying financial strength also allows issuance of letters of credit for $1M in select cases.

The preceding statements about EPC Services Company are veritable facts, consistently proven in past performance over seven years of ever-increasing EPC project work.  Engineer-Procure-Construct projects represent nearly all of the annual volume of work furnished by EPC Services.  Very few electrical contractors can make such a claim.