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Project Execution
Project Execution

The key to good project execution begins with proper progress reporting and scheduling.  ECI’s Project Controls Group is instrumental in setting up baseline scheduling for all facets of the services provided by EPC Services Company from conceptual design through procurement and construction and into the testing, checkout and commissioning phases of our projects.

Progress Reporting

EPC Services' Project Managers issue periodic formal and informal progress reports to keep the client, as well as other team members, informed as to the progress of the project design and construction.  Reports are customized for each unique project, but at a minimum include a detailed description of work performed and actual versus baseline schedule performance, as well as known and / or anticipated critical issues.  Weekly conference calls are standard procedure, and include the Owner and EPC team members.  Also, plan of the day meetings provide the means to “flow down” issues from weekly calls and written reports that direct specific actions.


ECI’s Project Controls Group consists of individuals having a great depth of experience in the use of scheduling software to develop templates and detailed schedules for design, procurement, construction and commissioning of projects.  EPC Services' Project Managers work with the Controls Group on larger complex projects where Level 3 scheduling is demanded by the client.  Alternately, EPC Services' Project Managers are accustomed to developing and maintaining schedules for smaller and / or less constrained assignments.  Staff is tenured in the use of PrimaveraTM, SureTrackTM or MS ProjectTM software.  EPC Services has an excellent track record of maintaining schedules from design through final commissioning.

Commissioning Services

ECI/EPC Services and our key staff have up to 30 years of experience in providing quality control testing and commissioning of generation, substations and communications stations.  We typically provide such commissioning on up to 80% of the projects for which design-construct services are furnished.  This in-house integrated team of industry professionals is a core value of EPC Services, and contributes substantially to our track record of on-time performance.  The Company has over $250K invested in modern test equipment.  Our staff of experienced test engineers includes individuals, some of whom have 35+ years of experience in maintenance and testing, including nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, substations, switchyards and central office facilities.  There is no commissioning need in utility grade substations that EPC Services is not well equipped to handle.