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At ECI, our strategic whole-team approach to environmental planning and compliance provides our clients with the unique opportunity to integrate all environmental planning and design functions of their project scope.

All ECI projects are managed with the goal of exceeding our client’s expectations. Our team seeks to provide a seamless transition from the environmental planning to the design phase of a project and on to permitting, right-of-way acquisition and construction. This approach provides our clients with the highest degree of efficiency and value possible. ECI’s experienced environmental planning staff possesses the expertise necessary to manage projects of varying sizes and complexity. We provide a comprehensive scope of environmental services including siting and feasibility studies, all facets of facility permitting, environmental compliance and monitoring.

Our Environmental Services Group also understands the intricacies of providing environmental services for a project with sensitive or controversial issues. Our team has over 30 years of industry experience preparing designs for various facilities, many of which have been controversial in nature. ECI’s Environmental Services group coordinates with our Lands Group and engineering design staff to provide the utmost of design compatibility to address any issues of public concern.


For additional information regarding our Environmental Services Group, please visit our environmental website at www.ecinc.blgs.